Youtube Vanced cannot login into the account: how to fix it?

In this article I will tell how to fix the error when Youtube Vanced doesn't log into your Google account and sometimes gives you endless downloading.

On older Android devices older than 4.4, these methods may not help.

For Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei: give Vanced Manager, Youtube and microG all permissions in the settings. You can also make them system permissions with Lucky Patcher.

Turn off Google services

  1. Go to Settings - Apps - Google Services.
  2. Click "Stop and disconnect".
  3. Turn off Google Chrome and clear the cache.
  4. Try logging into Youtube Vanced and then re-enable Google services.

If it didn't work, then:

  1. Open Settings-Applications.
  2. Uninstall updates and disable Chrome and Android System WebView.

Alternative solution methods

  • Disable antivirus and third-party optimizers. They can block microG.
  • Use Vanced Manager to delete Youtube, Music and microG. Clean up the downloaded files and install them again: first microG and then Youtube. Guide..

3 thoughts on “Youtube Vanced не входит в аккаунт: как исправить?”

  1. OnePlus 8T
    Stopped and disabled Youtube. A stable version of Vanced Manager is installed. Nonroot mode selected during installation
    Vanced MicroG and Vanced Youtube installed
    All permits have been issued both there and there.
    When you enter the Google account, it says that there is no connection (I deleted it, rebooted it, everything was useless (
    Google sends a signal to the mail that the device is logged in. And there is no connection to Google - although the Internet is there - it shows videos.

  2. I did it, everything is much simpler, log out of your Google account on your phone, then you clear the vanced synchronization in the settings. That's it, you go into your Google account in vanced, then you just dabaalya Google account in the settings and ta-dam everything works.

  3. I did everything, but writes data is being loaded, wait a few minutes and that's it, it's worth it ad infinitum


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