Youtube Vanced for PC

In this article I will show how to replace Youtube Vanced for PC: block ads, skip sponsors in videos and get advanced YouTube functionality.

There is no Windows version of Vanced!

However, all functions can be used with a browser and 2 extensions.

You can also install an Android emulator on your computer, but it consumes a lot of resources and it would be inconvenient to run it every time to open YouTube.

How do I get a Vanced analog on my PC?

1. Install a browser with Adblock. I recommend using Google Chrome and an official extension Adblock.

This way you can remove all ads on Youtube from the site itself: the ads before, in and after the video; the banner ads at the bottom and on the sides.

2. Install the add-on sponsor block. The plugin detects sponsor ads within the blogger's video and rewinds them. You can set up automatic or manual rewind in case you're interested in some product advertisement and don't want to skip it.

SponsorBlock has almost a million installations and a 5-star rating. You don't have to worry about it - download from Chrome app store.

3. Install the extension Enhancer for YouTube. With it you can configure the shortcuts, set a black theme (really black, not just dark), use the mini player and picture-in-picture.

We also download it from the Chrome store: the rating is just under 5 stars, and there are almost a million users.

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